Party Pass: 3 night parties (Thursday to Saturday) + Blues Jam and Pizza party (sunday)

Activities:boat tour + porto wine tasting

We will only sell online full passes. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday parties are limited and should be bought at the door.

And because it's not so fun if you're standing all night watching others dancing, we'll keep an eye on the leads/follows balance. So if you will be mostly following during the social dancing, register as a follower and if you will mostly lead, register as a leader (even though you can switch dancing roles sometimes).

The pass includes 4 nights of parties with live music and DJs, some day time activities in a crazy tour to get to know the beautiful city of porto. Other activities may also require additional payment.

Boy playing blues

Early bird

Party pass
Until 9th March,
limited to 40 tickets
More information,
tab program.
More information,
tab program.
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